JO Cocktails Pina Colada Flavored Lube 2 fl oz

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System JO®

Experience the enchanting fusion of adult fun and delightful flavors with JO Pina Colada Flavored Lube.
As a part of our renowned water-based Cocktail-inspired flavored lubricants, Pina Colada transports you to a tropical paradise with its luscious blend of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut.
When the excitement subsides, it effortlessly cleans off, leaving your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and ready for the next adventure.
Elevate your intimate experiences with the tantalizing flavor of Pina Colada, bringing a taste of paradise to your pleasure-filled moments.

Features Details
Brand System JO
Product Type Lube
Base Ingredient Water-Based
Features Scented & Flavored
Fragrance Pina Colada
Used for Sex & Relax
Friendly with Silicone Toys and Latex

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Hydroxyethlcellulose, Flavor (aroma), Sucralose, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid

Product information is a subject to change by the product manufacturer, please always read the instructions carefully before using the product.
JO Cocktails Pina Colada Flavored Lube 2 fl oz

JO Cocktails Pina Colada Flavored Lube 2 fl oz