Kamyra UNIQUE C.2 Pull Pack 3

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Kamyra Unique C.2 Pull is a crazy unique condom made of synthetic resin AT-10 which is at 70% thinner and more sensitive than the average latex.
Vegan-friendly and lubricated condom transfers body heat perfectly while having no odor at all. Credit-card size is perfect for wallets and trouser pockets.
Suitable for oral, penetrative as well as anal sexual activities, the Kamyra Unique C.2 Pull has two extra strips to facilitate getting it on.
All Kamyra Unique intimate products are crafted to deliver exceptional performance, comfort, and pleasure for both partners.

Features Details
Brand Kamyra
Also know as C.2 {pull}
Special features Pull system for easy put on
Size Regular Size
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex AT-10
Thickness 15 microns
Width at base 60mm / 2.35" inches
Length 180mm / 7.1" inches
Kamyra UNIQUE C.2 Pull Pack 3

Kamyra UNIQUE C.2 Pull Pack 3