Sagami Original 0.01 L-Size Box 10

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Sagami Original 0.01 L-size condom is larger and wider than regular Sagami condoms. With a thinness of 0.01 mm, condoms provide a higher sensitivity experience.
Made of polyurethane, Sagami Original has excellent thermal conductivity and instantly conveys the warmth of the skin. Smooth condoms provide a natural feel like you wear nothing at all.
A non-latex condom is perfect for those who are allergic to natural rubber latex. Sagami Original 0.001 L-Size is clear and odorless and comes in an easy-to-open blister pack.
All Sagami condoms are electronically tested and 100% genuine.

Features Details
Brand Sagami Original
Also know as -
Special features Extremely Thin
Size Larger
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex polyurethane
Thickness 0.018±0.008mm
Width at base 60±2mm / 2.36 " inches
Length 190±10mm / 7.4" inches
Sagami Original 0.01 L-Size Box 10

Sagami Original 0.01 L-Size Box 10