Uniq Smart condoms Pack 3

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Unique Smart condoms are designed to be put on up to two hours before the erection to protect your from distractions during sensational moments. Enjoy uninterrupted passion between the foreplay and the sexual intercourse.
Once with erection, Unique Smart hypoallergenic condoms gently adhere to the penis producing more sensitivity. Extra soft, latex-free condoms stay on without noticing and feel extremely natural during the glide.
Transparent and odorless condoms prevent any infections that can be acquired in the foreplay. Need some extra moisture? Uniq Smart condoms are perfectly compatible with any type of lubricant.
Uniq is a Columbia-based company that offers a wide range of exclusive, safe, and pleasurable products made for both men and women.

Features Details
Brand Uniq
Special features Pre-erection condoms
Size Regular
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex AT-10
Thickness 20 Microns
Width at base 60/2.36" inches
Length 170-190mm / 6.7-7.5" inches
Uniq Smart condoms Pack 3

Uniq Smart condoms Pack 3